2023’s Mission Brought Hope and Healing to Gaza


Gaza confronts formidable obstacles when it comes to accessing essential healthcare services, resulting in significant delays that exacerbate existing disorders and contribute to the worsening of various diseases. The intricate process of obtaining permits adds to this challenge, often subjecting patients to a lengthy and uncertain waiting period, where regrettably, not everyone finds acceptance. Astonishingly, approximately 33% of applications are either denied or face prolonged delays, perpetuating a distressing scenario. Tragically, the prolonged waiting game not only for permits but for transportation such as ambulances has dire consequences. In addition to transportation challenges and extended wait times, healthcare professionals also face a lack of access to adequate training, which occasionally hinders their ability to provide the assistance that they earnestly wish to extend to their patients in need. The ordeal that Gaza’s patients must endure to gain access to even the most basic healthcare services is burdensome and emotionally taxing, painting a bleak picture of their struggle. In light of these pressing issues, FAJR Scientific is committed to making a meaningful difference by spearheading efforts to enhance healthcare accessibility for the residents of Gaza specifically in Orthopedics. This will be the first of, hopefully, many more missions to help Gaza. Here at FAJR, we aim not to only to perform surgeries but to educate the healthcare professionals in Gaza and increasing access to healthcare for the residents. All information and infographics presented here were provided from WHO.