U.S. Surgeons Provide Relief and Training on Medical Mission to Gaza


A team of U.S. orthopedic surgeons recently completed a 5-day mission to the Gaza Strip, performing around 150 joint replacement surgeries. The trip was organized by Fajr Scientific, a U.S. non-profit seeking to aid Gaza’s strained healthcare system. The visiting surgeons provided hands-on treatment while also training local medical staff in orthopedic techniques. This knowledge transfer aims to build lasting surgical capabilities in Gaza, which faces shortages after years of conflict and blockade. The mission brought hope to Gazan patients in dire need of joint surgery but unable to afford treatment outside the territory. One recipient called the initiative “a breath of fresh air” amidst the hardships Gaza’s health system faces. Along with performing life-changing operations, the team donated $4 million in medical equipment to further boost Gaza’s orthopedic capacity. The trip exemplified cross-border cooperation to improve health and develop self-sufficiency in the isolated area.