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World Class Surgical Care for the World's Most In-Need

World-class healthcare leaders with more than 20 years of work in surgical-care


At FAJR Scientific, we envision a world where top-notch surgical expertise is a right, not a privilege. We bridge the gap between medical advancements and those in need, ensuring no one feels helpless due to a lack of surgical care.


At FAJR Scientific, our mission is clear: to provide top-tier surgical expertise to vulnerable populations, transforming lives regardless of circumstances. We believe in the healing power of science, compassion, and the human spirit.

Our Ongoing Initiatives

FAJR Scientific has significantly impacted Gaza with two medical missions, restoring many lives and limbs. Our team has treated over 2500 patients in Rafah and Khan Younis, including complex orthopaedic and vascular injuries. Since the evacuation of FAJR’s medical team from the European Gaza Hospital, our team on-the-ground continues to provide life-saving medical care to the Palestinian people.

We are dedicated to ongoing medical missions in Gaza and plan to establish a 120-bed mobile hospital in central Gaza, aiming for 5,000 procedures and 100,000 patient visits annually by the end of October. Our annual missions to Gaza and the West Bank are scheduled from July 30 to August 10.

We remain committed to delivering top-tier medical care and will provide updates on our upcoming missions and the mobile hospital’s progress.


Lost Lives




Planned Surgeries



Emergency Gaza Relief

Help us meet our goal for providing 5,000 emergency surgeries in Gaza immediately after the ceasefire. Each surgery for a patient in Gaza costs $1,000. Every donation accelerates the healing and rebuilding process.

Our Programs

Medical & Surgical Care

FAJR Scientific provides advanced medical and surgical care led by world-class leaders in healthcare

Local Medical Training

We aim to train local medical students, residents, and faculty to perform complex medical procedures

Healthcare infrastructure & Supply

We work to restore local health care infrastructure by providing supplies and essential medications

Pinoeering Surgical Research

We are committed to advancing global surgical care through research initiatives in clinical medicine and public policy

EHR-Driven Mission Tracking

We track mission outcomes using an electronic health record to ensure patient safety and evaluate our team’s efficacy

Make a Difference for Those in Need

World-Class Surgical Care For The World’s Most In Need

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Medical Team

Explore the opportunity to join FAJR Scientific’s elite team of physicians and surgeons dedicated to making a difference in Gaza and beyond.


Explore volunteer opportunities with FAJR Scientific and become part of the force driving positive change.

Help Gaza

FAJR Scientific has started assembling an emergency medical team to be dispatched to Gaza as soon as a humanitarian corridor opens.

Fajr Impact Report

Dr. Junaid Sultan and a team of international surgeons from the UK and US recently completed a mission in Gaza, providing critical medical aid under FAJR Scientific. This mission is part of our broader initiative to deliver immediate healthcare and rebuild medical infrastructure in war zones.

At the European Hospital between Khan Younis and Rafah, Dr. Sultan and the team treated numerous patients amidst challenging conditions, addressing both conflict-related injuries and complications from prolonged lack of basic medical care.

Support our mission to bring relief and rebuild healthcare in Gaza. Every donation makes a significant impact. Please consider contributing by clicking the button below.


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  • Tax Returns (2021-2022): We have uploaded our tax returns for both 2021 and 2022. These documents are available for public view in PDF format. Download here: 2021 & 2022.
  • FAJR Implants Overview: Attached is a PDF file displaying several FAJR implants used in Gazan patients. Download here.