Dr. Mosab Nasser

Dr. Nasser is a highly accomplished and globally recognized principal technical expert in both Exploration & development geophysics with over 20 years of oil & gas industry experience. He is currently a managing partner and principal technical expert at LEAN GeoSolutions, a Texas-based global geophysical consulting company he founded in 2018. He also served as the Shell Subject Matter Expert on 4D seismic with special focus on time-lapse rock physics and reservoir characterization. Dr. Nasser worked on a number of multi-billion-dollar projects in multiple basins, primarily deepwater and with varying roles and responsibilities. He closely worked with diverse multidisciplinary JV Subsurface Teams on different projects in E&P including the majors (Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, Total) to design and deliver successful exploration strategy and field development plans. He has over 50 technical publications and gave numerous technical presentations at major industry conferences and received several awards for academic and industry achievements. He also co-organized several industry workshops and meetings. Most recently, served as the chairman of the editorial board of The Leading Edge magazine published monthly by the society of exploration geophysicists and a member of the SEG publications committee. He served as an adjunct professor at the university of Houston and collaborated with scientists around the world primarily Stanford University, MIT and Colorado School of Mines.

Dr. Nasser is also a community leader in Houston, Texas serving as a speaker at some of the largest Houston Masjids and community events. He collaborated with Rahma Worldwide Aid & Development in raising funds for providing humanitarian aid and medical assistance to the hospitals in Gaza.

He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Fajr Scientific, responsible for organizing and managing the current and future medical missions to Palestine, communications with the ministry of health in Gaza & the West Bank and the building of the future Orthopedic Centers of Excellence in Palestine and other countries.