Help us meet our goal of providing 1,000 complex surgeries to urgent cases in Gaza

 In 2024, YALLAH Social is partnering with FAJR Scientific to raise $1 million for their team of world-class volunteer surgeons. The mission is to perform 1000 surgeries in Gaza, providing critical medical assistance to Palestinians affected by the ongoing crisis.

Since October 11,

60,000+ Palestinians have been injured while 1,000 children had limbs amputated without anesthesia – UNICEF

Here’s how FAJR Scientific can help:

Advanced Surgical Care

Fajr Scientific’s team comprises world-class healthcare leaders with over 20 years in surgical-care settings and 15 years in upper management at four nationally ranked medical organizations. 

Increase Access to Healthcare

Fajr strives to enhance healthcare access for underserved patients globally, irrespective of ethnic or religious backgrounds, aiming to create a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

In August 2023,

 The FAJR Scientific team completed 150 surgeries in Gaza in the span of 5 days.

How do we spend donations?

Fajr Scientific is mostly operated by volunteers enabling us to spend the majority of your donation on high quality medical surgical equipment and supplies for surgeries in Gaza.








Zenah, 7 years old

Zenah, a little girl with knee deformity has never been able to run or jump like other children. in 2021, Dr. Husserin El Kousey, a Fajr Doctor performed complex orthopedic surgery. After a a few months of therapy, Zena was able to finally have full control of her body, and play with other children.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fajr Scientific?

Fajr is an elite team of medical surgeons that volunteer their time and skills  to give free complex surgeries to patients in need. In 2024, Fajr aims to give 5,000 surgeries in Gaza to Palestinians impacted by the genocide.

What is Fajr’s experience in Gaza?

In August 2023, Fajr Scientific partnered with the Gaza Ministry of Health to break an internationally recognized world record of completing 153 complex procedures in 5 days.  Until today, Fajr Scientific has had regular communication with the ministry regarding the status of ongoing genocide in Gaza.

How can surgeons / doctors get involved with Fajr Scientific?

FAJR Scientific typically collaborates with medical professionals who have expertise in areas such as orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, emergency medicine, critical care, and other relevant specialties.


What's the role of the surgeons in Gaza?
  1. Emergency Medical Response
  2. Surgical Interventions
  3. Medical Consultations
  4. Training and Capacity Building
What does FS do different from other non profits collecting money for Gaza?

A lot of non profits spend excess donation money on fundraising and staff. We don’t do that. 98% of your donation will go to the surgery of Palestinians in Gaza.