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Standing Strong: Our Dedicated Team in Gaza

In the heart of Gaza, amidst escalating challenges and widespread evacuations, FAJR’s team continues to demonstrate unwavering dedication and high spirits. We are among the few remaining medical teams courageously stationed at the European Hospital, committed to delivering critical care under the most demanding conditions. Their resilience shines as a beacon of hope and humanity in these trying times.

Our Ongoing Mission to Gaza

FAJR Scientific is currently engaged in a vital two-week mission to Gaza, aimed at providing life-saving surgeries for those affected by the ongoing conflict. This mission, our second to the region, brings together a diverse team of healthcare professionals, each bringing specialized skills crucial for addressing the complex medical needs arising in war-torn areas.

Our team includes surgeons, physicians, nurses, and logistical support staff, all united by a commitment to delivering compassionate and competent care under challenging conditions. From performing emergency surgeries to managing critical care needs, each member plays an essential role in our concerted effort to alleviate suffering and save lives.

The diversity of our team’s expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to healthcare, allowing us to address a wide array of medical conditions and injuries. Our CEO, Dr. Mosab Nasser, is personally visiting with the team to oversee the mission’s operations and strategic direction, and to collaborate with health authorities in Gaza.

As we continue our work, we remain dedicated to the health and well-being of the Gaza community, striving to make a significant impact in one of the most challenging environments for medical professionals worldwide.

Stay connected with us for live updates and witness the impact of our mission firsthand

Our April 3 Mission in Gaza

Join FAJR as we carry out a critical mission in Gaza. Here are some highlights of our ongoing efforts:

World-Class Medical Team

Our mission features 15 top-tier doctors, boasting specialties that range from orthopedics to pediatric surgery, bringing world-class medical care to those in need

Medical Supplies Delivery

We are delivering medical supplies to assist the local healthcare facilities and aid in the ongoing crisis

Surgical Interventions

Our skilled surgeons are performing essential surgeries at the European Hospital in Gaza, addressing urgent health needs with expertise and care

Nutritional Support

We are delivering approximately 1 million medical supplies to assist the local healthcare facilities and aid in the ongoing crisis

Stay connected with us for live updates and witness the impact of our mission firsthand

A Vascular Surgeon’s Harrowing Experience in Gaza

Dr. Junaid Sultan, a volunteer vascular surgeon with FAJR Scientific, recently shared his harrowing experiences at the European Hospital in Rafah, Gaza, on Piers Morgan Uncensored. After over two decades of medical service in Britain, Dr. Sultan chose to aid the critically wounded in Gaza, despite numerous warnings against the journey.

Describing the conditions as “absolutely heartbreaking” and like “total carnage” he highlighted the severe shortages of food and medical supplies.

FAJR Scientific in Action: A Report from Gaza

Dr. Junaid Sultan, representing FAJR Scientific, recently completed a mission in Gaza, where he and a team of international surgeons from the UK and the US provided critical medical aid under the auspices of our organization. This effort is part of FAJR Scientific’s broader initiative to not only deliver immediate healthcare but also to rebuild and enhance the medical infrastructure in war zones.

During his deployment at the European Hospital, situated between Khan Younis and Rafah, Dr. Sultan encountered extreme conditions that tested the limits of medical care. Despite these challenges, the dedication of our team shone through as they treated countless patients affected by the ongoing conflict. The types of injuries treated ranged from recent conflict-related wounds to complications arising from lack of access to basic medical care over the past months.

You can be part of our mission to bring relief and rebuild healthcare in Gaza. Every donation helps us continue our work and make a significant impact. Please consider contributing by clicking the button below:

For more details od our mission, Read the Full Article Here.

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Your donations to our medical mission to Gaza are eligible for Zakat. By contributing, you’re not only fulfilling a crucial pillar of faith but also directly supporting life-saving efforts in Gaza.

Help Yazan Walk and Embrace Life Again

In the wake of a tragic war on Gaza, young Yazan Al-Harazeen suffered life-altering injuries, losing both legs and his right arm. Amidst adversity, FAJR Scientific is stepping forward to secure advanced prosthetics for Yazan, aiming to restore his mobility and independence. Our campaign extends beyond Yazan—any additional funds will support other Palestinian children in need of prosthetics.

Join us in transforming tragedy into a beacon of hope. Your contribution can help Yazan and others like him embrace a brighter, more empowered future.

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Urgent: Help Rebuild Healthcare in Gaza - Volunteer Today

FAJR Scientific has started assembling an emergency medical team to be dispatched to Gaza as soon as a humanitarian corridor opens. The team will be diverse of different expertise whether adult or pediatric to cover the needs in Gaza. Please check our VOLUNTEER page for more details

Explore volunteer opportunities with FAJR Scientific and become part of the force driving positive change. Learn how you can contribute to our life-saving missions. Ready to make a difference? Click below and join us now.

Gaza in Crisis: Fajr Scientific Healthcare Professionals Appeal for Urgent Support

After a recent medical mission in Gaza with Fajr Scientific, nurse Diana Korsog and surgeon Dr. Todd Frush share their distress over the escalating war in Gaza and its impact on local healthcare. Amidst heavy personal emotions and ongoing violence, they highlight the urgent need for global support and resources to aid the affected region. Watch Now.








The medical team for the 2024 mission is now complete and ready.

Total: 60 medical personnel.


At FAJR Scientific, we envision a world where access to top-notch surgical expertise is not a privilege, but a right. We strive to bridge the gap between medical advancements and those in desperate need, ensuring that no individual feels helpless or hopeless due to a lack of surgical care.


Our mission at FAJR Scientific is to provide unparalleled surgical expertise to the most vulnerable and underserved populations. We are committed to transforming lives by offering hope through advanced surgical care, regardless of socio-economic status, geographical location, or personal circumstances. We believe in the power of science, compassion, and human spirit to heal and restore hope.

Core Values: The Pillars of FAJR Scientific’s Dedication to Surgical Excellence


We are committed to providing the highest level of surgical care, leveraging the latest advancements in medical science


We approach our work with empathy, understanding that each individual we serve is facing unique challenges


We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our operations, ensuring transparency, accountability, and respect for all


We believe in the power of partnerships and teamwork, working together with communities, healthcare providers, and stakeholders to achieve our mission


We continuously seek to improve and innovate, driven by our commitment to making top-notch surgical care accessible to all


Above all, we strive to instill hope, believing in the resilience of the human spirit and its capacity to heal

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  • Sponsor Palestinian surgeons for 6-12 months US residency.
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